PANIC ATTACKS / ANXIETY DISORDER A Review of what we have posted.

This week we will go over what has been posted to make it easy to find for new visitors. We started in May and are closing in on 30 posts. When you meet and counsel those with panic and anxiety you learn that there are several common denominators they share.  Often, they are intelligent people who over-analyze everything and give in to speculation of potential health catastrophes without any factual basis. Fear and sheer terror has taken center stage in their life.   It is hard for them to grasp the concepts shared here because their mindset becomes like the ruts we talk about. Go to the June 10th post and also look at the photo in Anxiety and Addiction in the menu

Most of the information obtained has been through trial and error from those under the control of anxiety disorders. Those who overcome panic and anxiety the fastest and more completely rely on the Promises of God. We include the path they follow to obtain their freedom.  We will start to add more links to this section.  


May 2 – SO WE MADE IT is a general introduction and then the next post looked at some of the differences between panic attack vs anxiety attack.

This is a calendar review of topics covered.

In May: We started to address how different body systems react with the adrenaline rush in an attack. These are some of the most frequent symptoms that individuals experience.

Everybody system reacts to adrenaline and we have covered just some of them so far. Cardiac is the most prevalent and is covered some with talking about the pulse, and B/P.

In June:

Starting in July: we covered

In August : we described

In September: we covered

Starting in October:

It was time for review to see where we have traveled since May. Each subject could in itself become a book. We attempt to help others understand the basics of panic and anxiety. Research for this site comes a wide variety of literature. Reputable medical sites and most importantly one on one with people who have become free from panic and anxiety.

Hope the links make it easy to find topics that you want to learn about and understand.

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This blog is all about attacking panic attack and anxiety with a positive mindset. Not long ago a good friend disclosed he had been a victim of panic attack for 10 years. I never would have guessed! Isn't that what you would want for yourself? Through trial and error he found what worked for him and we want to share his path to freedom with you.