DIGESTION 101 Eating and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can affect the digestive system. It may be slightly different with different people but, the release of adrenaline hits every organ and system in the body. Everything that gets blood flow in your body is affected. that is why people experience so m any different symptoms!

Going back to my roots in Labor and Delivery, it is suggested not to eat anything heavy when you go into Labor, because the process stops digestion much like it stops when adrenaline hits the bloodstream. Here is a good like that describes the brain gut connection, on how stress affects digestion. https://jamaicahospital.org/newsletter/how-stress-affects-your-digestive-system/ You can copy and paste this link.

There is another way to look at it. If  you are medically ok; eating may just be the trigger, and not responsible for the Panic Attack. Think about this: When you eat the body starts up the digestive process. It is very efficient and complicated. To simplify – is that this digestive process and or the eating itself may be the trigger. When you eat things change blood sugar rises even the metabolism kicks into gear and the stomach fills. When the stomach starts to fill There could be a warning light that goes off that triggers danger starting from any of these processes. Not from the eating but from any of the processes involved with digestion. Or it could be just from the fact that the stomach is filling and that shifts around the other organs. As the stomach fills it can push upwards on the diaphragm this slight pressure that most people do not notice may be all it takes for the body to think there may be a respiratory malfunction. Some have found it helpful to eat small amounts of food you can see how larger meals could make this happen but some people are much more sensitive. Remember If the Amygdala sends out the adrenaline it does not think! it just responds to something it has learned in the past. It is often difficult to determine the actual trigger and your time would be better spent in taking back control with the use of creating positive pathways.
At this time, the body for whatever reason triggers the fight or flight mechanism.
As soon as the body starts to receive the “taste” of adrenaline thoughts then race to the conclusion that there is something terribly wrong+ full blown panic attack. Once you get to that point there may be genuine concern for your safety in the belief that a major malfunction has occurred, and THIS releases a second wave of adrenaline etc.    People can learn to develop mental barriers so that these thoughts are diverted before they reach full blown panic attack. Initially it will not get rid of all panic attacks but as you become more confident and your mind realizes that there is no harm in eating that trigger will start to fade away. You would have to build up your mind up with positive experiences associated with eating by repetition of eating small amounts of food without triggering an attack.  If it was learned it can be unlearned.  A few bits and positive statements. There is nothing wrong when I eat there is no danger, everything is functioning perfectly. Sure you may be eating many small or very small meals but  gaining back control by setting up the proper mental barriers is well worth the time.