Panic and Anxiety, what are they?

Let’s jump right in – adrenaline is the culprit that causes the symptoms.  It is released into the bloodstream it is normal and welcomed process in cases of actual danger. It is called the- fight or flight response.   Now if you turned around and came face to face with a big black bear that is one example of what the roll of adrenaline is meant for, or how about a father seeing his toddler walk into traffic and he turns almost super human and runs to rescue his child. Adrenaline has a “superman” quality; your body is so revved up to do the impossible, and once the adrenaline decreases – well it seems like you ran a marathon. When you are on high alert and the adrenaline it released, EVERY system in your body which all receive blood are all affected! That is why people can have multitudes of symptoms.  There isn’t really an area that could not be affected.  Think of it this way, if it receives blood it gets the adrenaline. For your family and friend you did not choose this adrenaline rush – it just happens. We will explain more later on.  Just a side note we will mostly talk about adrenaline but the stress system relies on two key hormones adrenaline and cortisol.  

In short, adrenaline works in the short term, while cortisol has large momentum and works in the long term. … In the first stage, this triggers the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream to prepare the body for action. Cortisol also communicates with the brain regions that control mood, motivation and fear.   We will refer to only Adrenaline in most cases but realize that there is more to it than that. Now let’s compare Panic Attack with Anxiety Attack. Visit the BLOG – link is on the about page.

Panic Attack  No Identifiable stressors feelings of sheer fear and terror, thoughts of impending doom, with many physical symptoms.One of the first things you must know about panic attacks is that the war takes place in your head.  Because there is no known stressor you assume that something major is happening to your body. Panic attack is logically illogical.  For some reason, your mind and your emotions are perceiving something as being threatening to you when it isn’t. This is where your subconscious comes into play. The subconscious is a part of your mind which operates without your awareness.   THAT is a panic attack.
When you are dealing with fear rooted in the subconscious you cannot identify the source of the fear. Therefore, you cannot identify why you are in fear, THAT is why you assume that something is majorly wrong with your body!!  So, then you fear the fear of something dreadful, a sheer terror, of some major malfunction and the body responds with another surge of adrenaline. Panic attack are much more intense than Anxiety attacks.  They may peak in 10 min, but they can come back to back lasting much longer. It can go and come back but more often if it is continuous for days or so then it may be an anxiety attack. You would need to check with your provider. They can tend to over lap in some individuals.
When people say well you know what it is ignore it… How? you frequently feel like you are going to die and it can come at you a little differently each time so you think oh no this time it might really be a heart attack… It is an automatic response to danger.  We are designed for survival.  On the blog page – Steps to Freedom we will be adding tips on the first line of defense to ward off panic attacks. You have to learn how to control your mind and not let it control you.

Anxiety Attacks Identifiable stressors with a baseline of excessive persisting worry irritability, inability to calm down, uneasiness, muscle tension. Examples of anxiety stressors are actual situations or specific thoughts that bring on anxiety. When a person says:  my boyfriend left, my aunt died, I cannot be around crowds, those are examples of identifiable stressors. Because you know the stressor, it at least gives you a starting point to regain control of your mind and thought patterns, helping you alleviate the stressors. Anxiety attacks are considered less intense but go can go on for days and anxiety/ worry can remain with you  for longer.

Both have many similarities both are based on fear.  Panic more a sheer terror, and anxiety excessive worry.   There can be varied symptoms because people react differently. Some have stronger more adverse reaction to adrenalin than others.  We also come from different environments, surrounded by different people, and have had different life experiences. Some people are more perceptive, more in tune with their body than others. But most people especially those with Panic attack tend to overthink, overanalyze, their mind is always racing, and they tend to be concerned about health issues. At least that is the beginning stay tuned. Plug into the blog and follow it much of this information will be posted there and may be easier to find.

One of the most important things to obtain in the state that you’re in is the success of getting through a day without getting beat up by anxiety and panic. The next most important thing is to begin to string a few days back to back to where you actually begin to experience some normality in your life.