Answering the question about- How long do panic attacks last?

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The key to overcoming panic attacks is at first ‑ not just to get them to stop. The goal should be to shorten them and get back in control ASAP. That means right after the initial wave of adrenaline that you become aware of.    

(I am going to oversimplify this.)

We call that the first wave. Your body pumps out adrenaline for no known reason something in you’re your mind triggered fear.

The second wave is then propagated by the victim themselves.  There is no real danger, but the adrenaline surge makes you believe that there is a major physical malfunction!  SO, the victim then becomes afraid for their life. This is what sets off the second wave and it is caused by real fear! …. And then the 3rd wave and so on leading to a major breakdown. This is why getting on top of it fast may not completely alleviate them but will prevent further release of adrenaline, and they will become shorter in duration.Therefore, you can start to take back control by being able to stop them in their tracks.  This is why different the length of time a panic attack lasts can vary so much.  Adrenaline does not last too long in the body if the perceived fear is gone.

The more you become enveloped in the panic that is believing in the worse, and especially speaking out loud symptoms or texting them, your body will respond, appropriately to the now real fear.   This is the fear that you must overcome when there is no real danger!

That is why I refer to the BLOG page as    FIGHT BACK   FIGHT FEAR!


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This blog is all about attacking panic attack and anxiety with a positive mindset. Not long ago a good friend disclosed he had been a victim of panic attack for 10 years. I never would have guessed! Isn't that what you would want for yourself? Through trial and error he found what worked for him and we want to share his path to freedom with you.