Some of the most frequently asked questions

Many of our new followers do not suffer from panic or anxiety attacks them selves but they are trying to better understand the process what happens and why, so they can help someone they know.

An overview for the new BlOG followers:

The questions people ask most is more a desire to compare their symptoms with others.  There is a sheer terror that accompanies panic attacks with the fear of death.

Listed are a few of the most prevalent examples of those questions that we attempt to educate our readers on.

Heart attack and cardiac symptoms.   

Breathing – shortness of breath heavy lungs

Numbness tingling

Muscle aches and pains weakness

GI symptoms

Mental fog and fatigue

Sleep problems too much or too little etc.

We will try to explain why a new mindset needs to be developed, so that instead of repeatedly saying that which you don’t want (the negative)  WILL BE REPLACED WITH words  OF THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE (the positive)


People also want answers to questions about their Pulse and B/P …  too high or too low? For those with health anxiety just thinking about your pulse and B/P   can influence your results.    

Our hopes that in educating people about the body systems they will begin to understand that there are many variables so if they have had a complete physical and everything is ok.  They will be able to start to speak positively. EXAMPLE:

Panic attack strikes, reason unknown. Heart starts racing breathing becomes labored after an adrenaline surge.  You are in no danger.

Because of the way you feel you believe you believe their must be a major malfunction.

  • You can start to worry and say

“Oh no! I must be having a heart attack!”

  • Worry and fear about a health issue send out another adrenaline surge and so on.


  • You feel the start of an adrenaline surge, You start to experience symptoms. You just had a physical and everything is fine.
  • You then say “I am fine I just had a physical I am not in any danger I feel horrible because of the adrenaline but it will soon pass” 
  • You confronted the attack with the truth you start to distract  yourself by speaking that which you desire. “I want this attack gone I am in control.”
  • And believe it or not if you can force yourself to laugh. The initial surge of adrenaline will pass quickly. You see if the body senses danger and then you start to laugh not only is it a distraction, but it signals the body there is no longer a theat.

KEYS: distraction, speaking what you desire, and laughter.

That information should help them lay the groundwork to start to take control of their life back.


Another line of questions revolves around Meds. We do not comment on meds because unless you know someone’s complete history and everything else they are taking – any comparison may actually steer you away from that which may help you.  

The placebo, a fake pill, given to control groups in medical testing can have various affects depending on what they are led to believe.

We are suggestable (some people more so than others). I am sure you have seen how when someone yawns others will start to do the same.  Or if you start thinking about fleas all of a sudden you think they are crawling all over you. Even just reading this may get some itching. 

This is why we want people to start to understand how their runaway thoughts spiral them into well worn paths. Look at the snowy photo under the anxiety and addictions tab.

This is just a little information to catch the newbies up to speed.

Published by: Your Path to Freedom

This blog is all about attacking panic attack and anxiety with a positive mindset. Not long ago a good friend disclosed he had been a victim of panic attack for 10 years. I never would have guessed! Isn't that what you would want for yourself? Through trial and error he found what worked for him and we want to share his path to freedom with you.