How a CUE is Helpful in Overcoming Habits.

(part 3)

A CUE can also be referred to as a trigger. That word you may be more familiar with.  In Anxiety it is a situation, something heard or seen… you are aware ofe something that happened and you respond to it in a habitual way.   Often the trigger is something that initiates some sort of fear of being alone of being invisible.

The alarm clock goes off either you get up you hit snooze

You get up enter the kitchen (cue) then  you begin to make coffee, 

You sit down with the coffee at the computer and check your Email / Facebook.

You dress usually the same way every time top to bottom, from bottom to top, right side left side, or left side right side.

You  brush your hair  or wash your face or put on makeup usually you start with the same side, and do it virtually the same way every time.

You do these things in a repetitious manor and it becomes a habitual habit.

Habits 101: Research and Techniques: explains in more detail.  You will also see that rewards for changing a habitual behavior is not the same as that of a conscious effort. Rewards can help but need to be used in conjunction with other processes.

In panic and anxiety the frequency of attacks makes the habit of response stronger. In fact conscious effort by itself does little to interrupt a strong habit. You must learn what works for you and incorporate everything at your disposal for effectiveness.

Habits 101 is one of the sources that says it takes 6 days to form a habit. But in the case of let’s say panic attacks if they happened more frequently that once a day the time could be shorter and. Theyalso share that not all people form habits. However panic attacks victims and those with excessive worry are usually over thinker to begin with. They overanalyze and overthink. Could it be that those who fall prey to anxiety disorder are n ire prone to form habits easily?

This article explains why exercise can be very helpful.  First your body’s already in a hyper state many say use that energy put it to good use and use it as a distraction.   We have mentioned that exercise release endorphins –

Endorphins are chemicals that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain

Many fear exercise because it is the rapid heart rate that initiates fear of a major medical malfunction. So, you want to be without panic attacks what cue will you choose to make you get into an exercise routine?

You are also gives you how to examples on establishing new healthy habits.

We encourage you to use self-talk and saying out loud what you desire, and to dismiss the start of symptoms in a panica attack. Most helpful for some is a written list to read repeatedly as you start to feel adrenaline symptoms.   This combines several techniques, including distraction, creation of a new habit and changing thought patterns. Your words are always available.  The one article cited is rather long so just read and put into action just one part at a time. The main thing is to realize there is hope!   (the footnotes are impressive)

In an article about making new habits stick is not as technical but offers some good advice. It discusses awards but that is only a part of the picture. So you do not let your mind take you to a cycle of panic attacks ! YEH! You got through one – its done, over. Rewards can be simple. A favorite snack only available for your conquests. Calling your go to person who will sing you praises.

THE best part of this article is how it explains DO NOT SET UNREALISTIC GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS. I would scroll down to this part and take it to heart.

Setting goals I important but remember after any earthquake there are aftershocks. Just because you try something once do not expect to over come that which took time to establish.

Be persistent to fight back and fight fear!

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