Mindset the Basics

Mindset – a mental attitude or inclination. A fixed state of the mind. The established set of attitudes held by someone which influences the development of a thought.

It has been proven scientifically that two people can be exposed to the exact same circumstances and situations but have completely different levels of success. The deciding factor is how a person thinks. How a person thinks is ultimately going to decide how a person behaves.

If you truly want to change the way you behave, you must change the way you think.

Here is the process:

  • information comes in from the world, from your environment
  • thoughts are formulated from that information
  • emotions are stirred because of the thought
  • desires are created because of the emotions
  • decisions are made based on the emotions
  • behavior is established by the decisions that you make

You receive information which creates a thought which stirs the emotions which creates a desire which drives a decision to be made which ultimately determines your behavior.

Thoughts that are established are determined by your mindset.

Your mindset has been created by continuous patterns of thinking. What you think about, the thoughts that you entertain constantly will create a pattern which is known as the mindset.

The crucial thing to understand is that the mindset will be the dominant influence on the formation of thoughts that occur because of the information that is received. In other words things that you frequently think about,

This is crucial to understand – strongholds are negative or evil mindsets,

Remember, information creates thoughts which stir the emotions which create desires which force decisions which determines behavior.

If you do not like your behavior or you find out that your behavior is destructive and you want to change your behavior, you must change your behavior through the way you think. The crucial thing to understand is that the mindset will be the dominant influence on the formation of thoughts that occur because of the information that is received.

The quality of your life is a result of your thoughts, not of your circumstances! Like I said before, to people can experience the exact same circumstances, one person will be successful, and one person will experience failure. Another way to look at this statement, people in all sorts of horrendous circumstances can live happily. Take Nick Vujicic for an example! No arms, no legs, no excuses. Check him out on you tube.

Science has proved that about 70% of your thoughts are repetitive, and 90% of your behavior is automatic. This is very important for those with health anxiety to understand. If you continually are worried about your pulse and keep checking it you are ingraining that into your mindset.

Your mindset ultimately controls you, because your mindset ultimately determines your thoughts, and your thoughts ultimately establish your behavior.  IF your thoughts are those of fear you are going to act in a fearful manner.

Read the section about anxiety and addictions. It may help you understand this concept.

To change your mindset – your pattern of thinking – you must take all thoughts captive and meditate on that which you want to be established in your life.



My mindset must be established that what I see is temporary and is subject to change. I do not allow circumstances and situations to change my mindset, I use my mindset to empower me to change circumstances and situations.

Mental strongholds of limitations must be broken. Mental strongholds that hold you hostage must be broken.

What you feed your mind on will:

  • bring about your freedom or
  • will take you into a life of slavery.

When a stronghold is established, thoughts are only allowed to travel one path or one route.

All thoughts are forced to reach the same conclusion: see the example

  • “I can feel my heartbeat.”
  • “My pulse seems fast.”
  • “My chest seems heavy.”

THEREFORE, I must be having a heart attack!

No matter what you experience the end result is a heart attack, even if your physical and EKG were normal.

To be free and to be successful – your mind must be told what to think and how to think by a strong spirit.   Your character is not developed by circumstances, it is developed by your choices. You can make the choice to become strong in spirit. It is well worth the effort.

Remember, information initiate thoughts which stir the emotions which create the desires which cause a decision which develops a behavior. The mindset that you live with will determine your thoughts which will ultimately drive your behavior

Nugget: Whatever you allow your mind to feed on has created your current mindset.   It can be changed.

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