The Labor and Delivery Connection Part 2

This is the second part of the Labor and Delivery Connection posted May 29th. Here is some of the specifics that may help you understand a little more about breathing. Be sure to read The Labor and Delivery Connection about Hyperventilation many are amazed of how many of their symptoms can be caused by this.   I know many who constantly check their pulse ox. Hate to tell you but there are many factors you would need to know and understand before you get concerned about a reading. First of all the number changes all the time, and the speed at which you breath, how deep your breaths are can all change the numbers, so can congestion, coughing, smoking, and  even just holding  your breath in anticipation of the reading….so to make it easy  it is usually not necessary unless your Doctor says you should check it,    A Doctor told  one of my  obsessive patients one day, “ If  you are pink and your lips are not blue,   you are probably ok!

Breathing is an automatic function of the body (something you do not need to think about). It just happens; but with anxiety, people tend to focus on those automatic functions of the body -heart, lungs… because the release of adrenaline + causes changes leading people to “speculate” that something is majorly wrong!  Speculate – to form a theory about, surmise, assume, conjecture, guess, about a subject without hard evidence.

Hang in there.  The Labor and Delivery Connection may help you understand  several of the items we will list under the steps to freedom section. This post touches on more than just your breathing because so much is interrelated.  So, let’s start with the basics.

The body works as one well-oiled machine.  As a newborn, a baby is unaware of how everything works but it does.  In fact, the magnificence of what happens in the womb is incredible.    The baby cannot be seen and for 9 months things happen just the way they are supposed to.    Entire body systems develop, and we are created. As we age and mature the body continues to alter, change, and adapt to our environment and that includes a normal response to stress or danger such as fight or flight.  

It is also important to realize that in this Blog site we repeat information, coming at it from different angles so that you will start to develop  new thought patterns  that will help put up mental barriers that will start to prevent any little “normal” symptom from  immediately traveling to fear and panic. We use repetition of information that helps you learn or in this case relearn  to bring about change and a positive outcome.    Later we will cover in more depth about taking back control of the mind.

This is why it is so important to get a physical because with an overactive mind, someone who overthinks, someone prone to speculation, and over analyzing normal body functions you need this reassurance. You must find a doctor that you trust and that understands what you go through with panic and anxiety attacks. 

When you have a complete physical from a professional that will serve as your starting point to end speculation.  More about physicals later but for now on to breathing.

Your respiration rate changes with age. Newborns 30 -65. Over their first year it drops some and by age 1 -10 it is usually about 14 – 50 breaths per minute.  During the teen years 12 -22 then to change again when you reach adulthood 10 -20. Over the age of 65 It can slightly increase again. Smoking and meds can also alter your respirations.

Respiration is assessed for qualityrhythm, and rate.

Listed above are average rep rates. They can be influenced by the environment, other body systems (heart rate changes B/P changes, pain, etc.) And in our case- stress, worry, and Adrenaline.

Nugget: I will refer back to what the Doctor told my patient. ” If you are pink and your lips are not blue,   you are probably ok!


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