There is good and there is bad in the world.   Most people also will agree on what thoughts and feelings are true and genuinely make you happy and contented. Confusion sets in when you are living in a sea of false narratives.  People can get so familiar with that which is not good and helpful that it becomes their truth. After a while the thoughts and feelings  even if negative become a source of “comfort.”  This happens when you become familiar with repetitious thoughts and feelings.  Comfort sets in even if these thoughts and feelings are undesirable.  They are unwanted and often fueled by speculation or memories that may have been influenced by negativity.

An example:  Smoking is known to be bad for your health. With that first cigarette you may cough and sputter… but continued use will turn this “warning sign”  into an addiction. Before long, you crave that which you know to be detrimental.   Anything done repeatedly can become, familiar and familiarity causes some degree of “comfort.” This article will look at how not to let the bad, “the enemy”, fabricate a storyline that will remain in your mind,  thus becoming your mindset and influencing your life. You need to take the comfort out of that which causes you grief and pain. Good thing is even if an undesirable mindset is already in place it can be filled in and replaced with the type of behavior you desire. Refer to the post – The Logging Trail.

Let us dissect this undesirable enemy that attempts to create a slippery slope for your thoughts to travel that leads you on the path of deception. A deception that causes fear, confusion, sadness,  that steals your happiness.   Let’s use the words good and evil to get this point across.

You have to start with words, thoughts, and ideas that are good in your heart. This must be the foundation of your mind which is responsible to accept or reject incoming thoughts.

As you meditate on that which is good, those words and thoughts create speedbumps, road signs, caution markers, and other useful tools that spot and identify lies of the “enemy” that are attempting to travel the pathways of your mind masquerading as truth. So much so that bad undesirable “evil” thoughts can be thought of as invasive plants that sneak in attempting to overtake the good. The seeds of the good become dormant but they are still there.

When I moved, I had a large overgrown garden patch. It was full of thousands of invasive plant species. With work and persistence, they were removed,  and I waited a season, to see if I had cleared the area sufficiently to replant.  What a surprise to see the next spring the many perennial plants that lay in wait   for the opportunity to came to life!

Many of these plants came to life when the invasines plants were cleared away!

Evil battles for your mindset, in an attempt to control the way you feel, and how you behave.  It searches for opportunities, no matter how slight, to get a foothold and cause worry, stress, and anxiety.


Success or failure is not determined by your past, it is determined by your willingness to embrace the truth of your life. That which is peaceful, lovely, comforting, where you find yourself effective and contented.  When you embrace the truth of your life, positive fulfilling relationships will be established, promises will be kept and victory will follow.   This happens as you reroute your thought process. and fill in the ruts in your thinking!

An important thing to remember is as stated above: “As you meditate on that which is good, those words and thoughts  create speedbumps, road signs, caution markers, and other useful tools”  These tools will become your arsenal to combat all that causes your torment.

Good promises peace. Evil longs for destruction.

Evil resides at every turn we take. It is found in rash decisions, lack of patience, and no regard for relationships.  Evil attempts get us to focus on ourselves and our emotions. Emotions can be manipulated by thoughts and speculation. Evil comes in the form of wayward thoughts of worry and anxiety, sadness and fear. These things are not good.  When you embrace EVIL –  your life will be lived in torment. Evil attempts to torment you by deceiving you to take ownership of the mental torment that has been embedded.   Refer to post- Anxiety Is Not Your Label.

Panic, anxiety, worry, stress, depression… takes root in the way you look at life, the way you analyze situations, and it even taints your memory as we discussed in False Memories May Be Holding You Captive


We are not talking about physical or verbal assaults on your person, but the trademark of evil stems from seizing your mind  blinding you to that which is good.

2 areas affected by the evil takeover of your mind are:

#1 offense       

Do you find yourself being easily offended? Offense brings to you uncomfortable angry feelings that weigh on the side of evil and not good.  Offense is invasive!

#2 self-pity.

Self-pity –   erupts when you interpret that your unique situation and the injustice that was done to you influences mainstreams in your mindset. When you are deceived to live in self-pity or are easily offended you embrace patterns of thinking that will eventually cause harmful impulsive decision-making. Self-pity is invasive.

Self-pity and the spirit of offense can cause the formation of an unwanted mindset. The deception to continuously meditate on that which causes stress and anxiety.  These self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed thoughts will create patterns of thinking that will continue to enhance and grow the misery that you continually embrace.  


Both offense and self-pity corrupt your self-image distancing you from the freedom that you desire.


  • learn to identify thoughts and identify where they came from
  • know if how you are feeling matches up with that which makes you happy or that which makes you miserable. 

If your feelings drive you to have unwanted thoughts, take authority over the initial thoughts that caused you to feel that way.  Do not give evil the right to pitch a tent in your mind.  Evil, bad or negative thoughts, influences how you see and react to the world.

If you continually meditate on self-centered thoughts, you will create self-centered feelings which will then generate more and deeper self-centered thoughts. When this happens, you become more and more ineffective. This leads you to become oblivious to who you really are. It is like the “enemy” is positioning you to see nothing but doom and gloom and therefore you act accordingly.

The goal is to resist the enemy.   The enemy is a master of what buttons to push to keep you ineffective. You must break the stronghold of evil that is holding you captive, to be set free!

Good and bad are real! Please share to help us reach out to hurting people.

Reread this substituting God for Good and the demonic realm as evil.

I recommend you read Journey 2 of: Panic Attacks Calming the Storm

Reading this will answer your questions about good vs evil!

Philippians 4:6 – 7  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus