`                              About  OVERCOMING abuses and mental torment

I was blessed with a book written by a friend – FIERCE –  One FIERCE Lady

Several years ago, I remember the author, Lisa, reading to me parts of the book she wrote while at the beach…. Lisa is an overcomer! She writes about how her life exemplifies beating the odds.

When a woman is strong in spirit, she knows she can accomplish whatever it takes to rise above her circumstances.” Lisa A., One FIERCE Lady.

Life had thrown her repeated curveballs including addiction, depression, domestic violence…   She had run away from home at age 15 and lived on the streets. Her testimony of overcoming is powerful and within reach for all.  Lisa also shares some testimonies of other brave women who also overcame adversities in life. The book was written to reveal, inspire and help heal.  The shared knowledge applies to both men and women. Anyone whose lives are touched by despair, violence, illness, death, bad relationships fears, and pain.  Lisa helps readers  ” expose the ugly truth that tries to hinder us from complete forgiveness, healing, and wholeness.”  

Our last post of Good vs Evil is in line with her statement ”Anything hidden in darkness has power over you!”


That which is in italics is taken from FIERCE with permission.


As you start reading Lisa shares with us a letter written by her 16-year-old daughter when she was fearfully facing surgery.  Her daughter wanted to remind her of that which her mother had taught her.  

She wrote:

There are 2 sides to fear

#1 Forget – Everything And Run!!!

#2 Face – Everything And Rise!!!

This blog directs those suffering to choose #2!  We offer hope and encouragement to the path of freedom.  Our goal is to educate you on the positive ways to make changes that will open doors to healing and contentment. We teach “those walking through the storms of life to look beyond the storm!”

In the chapter  FACING THE TRUTH, the author delves deeper into her past bringing you along her life journey, of abuse, pain, and depression.   When she became stronger and aware of who she was she started to believe in herself. She proclaims solutions were found as she would “study at His feet”. Her trip out of the darkness and shadows has given her the tools to empower others to fight back through the sharing of testimonies.

Boldly she declares that to obtain freedom and liberation you must get rid of the junk in your life! She explains how “ we tend to put up walls to keep people out” and how thosewalls become your “ prison”.

In the chapter titled DESCRIBE YOURSELF,  you are asked to look in a mirror and describe what you see.  Do you see yourself as broken or as God sees you?

The testimonies exemplify how those under enormous emotional and physical struggles have been able to find peace and joy! They have been able to live the lives intended for them when they have been able to identify evil, rise above, and let go of the past. Read her book and share with us your triumphs!

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Titles of some of the chapters in FIERCE that this audience will relate to:

Freedom and Liberation


Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

I Am Not a Diagnosis

Anxiety and Depression

There are others about Self harm, Suicide, Addiction, Violence, and How Religion Hurt Me