Anxiety is not your label! When your mindset is one that is dictated by negative thoughts because of your history, trauma  or  just by repetitious thoughts gathered by anxiety, panic attacks, or just mental torment in in general… your behavior will  mirror that which you dwell on the most.

Mindsets that are  controlled by doubt or hopelessness will bury your true self, and your true purpose.

Even if the words “Hi my name is anxiety”,  are not spoken your behavior and your responses may carry  to a  relationship that uncomfortable part of your life. That in turn just keeps you in that “logging rut” that we often talk about.  


Even if your first meeting with someone went well, soon, many will tend to redirect the focus on to themselves, onto a label that they identify with.  Almost automatically they will start to explain their life, focusing on their anxiety issues.  Just as all people want to be recognized and love to talk about their lives be sure to catch yourself so YOUR TRUE IDENTITY  is not buried by conversations circling around  things in your life that you desire to change! 

I have caught many people who start a conversation with a person they have just met and within minutes they often cast their eyes downward. I understand the discomfort that creates this action, and this act is often done unconsciously. I believe it is to get the other person to ask, “ is something wrong?’  That is often what opens the floodgates to the negative in your life, those parts that you want to be rid of!  Sadly enough just talking about them does not rid you of those “feelings”. Then often a “friendship” turns  into a conversation into a competition of whose life has it worst?  

The  children’s book: The Little Engine That Could  –  Watty Piper  was one of my favorites! The moral is to believe in yourself. The little blue engine was to go over a  mountain it had never traveled before to deliver toys to the children in the next valley.   It was only a little Engine, but it accepts the challenge and repeats  “I think I can,    I think I can… “  all the way to the top of the hill.  On the way down  the other side the engine repeats  “I thought I could,   I thought I could”   This book focus on believing in your self and overcoming challenges with a positive “mindset”

Do this by putting into practice that which can change your mindset. Surround yourself with those that will nix any conversation about your life that is undesirable.    Learn how to speak out loud that which you desire.

It is important that you:

  “Do not speak the way you feel… Speak the way you want to feel.

  Do not speak what you have but …Speak what you desire to have. Brian Ludwig

I just met someone new at gardening event. We had something in common! Within a few minutes we discovered we had both been in the Army, I had been in the reserves, she just retired after 20  years.  How cool is that!

About a week later she stopped by and dropped off a children’s book she had written:


Immediately, I envisioned how a field of sunflowers could tie into this message. Picture a field of sunflowers all smiling at the sun. It is quite an awesome sight. As you stare out  over the field you notice the magnificence you do not see the tiny differences from one flower to the next.

BUT instead of focusing on the on the beauty of the field you overthinkers start to look for that which is different or flawed.  STOP This is exactly why some relationships, old or new, falter.   

Avoid the temptation to start to discuss what you experience that you wish to change.   Instead, use it as a time to chug up over the  mountain,  speaking only in the positive.

A mental barrier can stand in the way of something awesome that someone would like to achieve. It can also be used to begin taking harmful thoughts captive  in order to disrupt destructive thought patterns.

Start to create a new Mindset, new beliefs about yourselves, a new beginning.

Start speaking over your life:

I am an overcomer! I will not let fear dominate my life because fear is not of God!”