“FIT” Training for Mental illness

Overcoming anxiety Panic depression etc. is like running a marathon. Let’s look at how an athlete can prepare.

Whether we like to recognize it or not,  people have more in common than they think.  Certain experiences, create certain thoughts, and certain thoughts, lead to certain behaviors. Instead of that feeling of isolation experienced by many with mental torment,  it may be comforting to know that if other people have gone through similar experiences their behavior would be very familiar. 

But we do not know what others went through so it keeps some with mental illness in a sphere of isolation. Your outward activity radiates certain vibes but because of the experience of others may not be viewed in the same light. I will take this a bit further. Those in mental torment because of this isolation space. have placed themselves do not recognize that many people have similar responses even if the backgrounds are not identical.  This “space”  of isolation and often self-pity becomes comfortable.   You may fee. And justify in your mind, that your needs far outweigh that of others. Once you can break down that barrier you will find you are not alone and many others struggle just as much and need to work just as hard as you to deal with everyday events and most certainly to become an overcomer.

Most of us would recognize that to describe someone is to make note of their “habits” their behavior and responses to everyday life. Just as those with panic anxiety depression etc. tend to be overthinkers!

Without getting too technical the brain works on many levels.  If you habitually spend all your time nurturing your overthinking. If you were to take oil and pour it over your car’s engine the normal starting of the car would be impaired. Even a jump start may not overcome the oil residue.  We expect the car to automatically start on demand.  Our brain is supposed to automatically problem solve and assist you in remaining positive.

The engine CAN be cleaned as the habit of overthinking can be squelched! thus allowing your brain to function clearly and unencumbered.

Overcoming mental torment can be like an athlete in training for a  marathon. There must be adequate motivation and endurance. Instead of winning a  marathon, you just want to live life to its fullest!

Athletes in training need intense motivation to be the best at their sport.  Functional Imagery Training (FIT), is about changing lifestyle habits and remaining motivated.  It is based on building a platform of motivation, goal-directed imagery. It helps you to anticipate obstacles and then tie successes concur the obstacles you face in your mental health.  Especially for those with panic and anxiety disorder what is need is a mindset shift! (FIT is also being used successfully for eating disorders)

FIT is another tool to put in your toolbox, that may work for you! Talk to your therapist.

Here is what one  FIT Athlete said…in a University of Plymouth Article – From couch to ulta-maathon – mental imagery technique…


Melissa King, aged 38 from Newquay in Cornwall, was allocated the FIT intervention as she prepared for the Exmoor Ultra Marathon earlier this year. Completing the event successfully, she said: 

“My honest reason for starting running in the first place was just to see if I could do it. FIT has been a huge mindset shift, and I now use imagery as a way to reset; to ground me, and help me to focus on being present, appreciating why I am here while also prompting me to cue my immediate, medium- and long-term goals. …


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