A Journey of Hope in a World of Anxiety

Many than ever before people are experiencing anxiety and a sense of confusion and hopelessness. Given the state of the world and how the media portrays stories there is no doubt that this is expectd. The word they use is sensationalize. They pat themselves on the back for “riling” people up! To riel up is to – To cause someone or some group to become particularly excited and animated, especially in an angry or irritated manner…to make agitated and angry: UPSET. Masses of people fall prey to what ever story line they partake. Headlilnes are meant to pull you in and cause intrique. For those that search for truth many times the heightened reports can be put into perspective- thus maintaining your peace of mind. Tody I post excerpts from the book Panic Attacks Calming The Storm. The story is true. The author had experienced extreme panic attacks and anxiety disorder. His story is relatable.

I share with you some excertps: If you have not already read this book I suggest that you do.

Overcoming panic and anxiety disorder – Panic Attacks Calming the Storm

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Journey 1 

 My story – Finding Freedom – Fighting Back, Fighting Fear

Chapter 1 What in the World is Happening?


It was Friday, May 16, and I was hard at work.  Of course, coming from a long line of workaholics, that’s just the way I’m wired.  Being in the restaurant business, I had an endless source of tasks to supply my addiction to work. As the operations manager of five restaurants, I was conditioned to handle pressure and successfully endured more than my share of stress. However, I enjoyed my job and felt I was maintaining an acceptable balance.  People knew me as organized, competent, and for staying calm through various crisis. I was always totally involved in my work, but, unlike a lot of people, when it was time to quit, I could enjoy my free time with little lingering luggage from my job. Basically, what I am saying is that, for the most part, I fell in control of my emotions, my responses, and the general circumstances of life.


 “Oh my!” She blurted as her eyes  widened.  Well, she didn’t have to tell me. To this day, I swear I could see the mercury spurting out of the top of the gauge like you see on those old cartoons.  I can’t remember the exact reading, but it must have been in the region of 195/? Whatever it was, I could tell from her reaction that the reading wasn’t pretty.  My heart was racing and the only thought I could muster was, “We’ve got problems!”

Chapter 2    Call in the Troops, We Need Reinforcements!


What exactly was happening? Was I just plain old “losing it?” Everyone kept telling me that I was under too much stress. Maybe they were right, maybe this had no connection to my problem in May. Perhaps it was just time to admit to myself that I was having a nervous breakdown, whatever that was.

“I have no idea what is going on, or what the problem is,” I blurted out breathlessly. “I just know something is very wrong and I need to know what’s going on.”

Chapter 3    Okay, Now We Have Some Answers


“Yes, panic attack,” said Dr. Jones. He proceeded to explain that, simply put, a panic attack is a mental and physical reaction that causes a person to react in a frantic, panicky state, with no obvious reasons to feel that way. “In other words,” he said, “if something was happening like a mugging, for example, you would go into a hyper, excitable state. Your heart would pound, you would experience fear, you would have a rush of adrenaline, and you would be in a state of panic.” He went on to explain that if you felt that way without an obvious event or circumstance to stimulate the state of panic, then that is referred to as a panic attack.

Chapter 4    Call in the Troops, We Need Reinforcements!


If you have experienced panic attacks or very high levels of anxiety, I’m sure that you also tend to overanalyze everything. It’s not that we demand to be comfortable; rather, we just constantly evaluate our comfort level as a survival tactic for not facing another anxiety or panic attack. Anyway, for some reason, this store just dropped off my list of places where I had felt comfortable. I wasn’t sure what was bothering me, but everything became a struggle; even just maneuvering my cart through the obstacles of aisle display racks was challenging.  Then, there were those amazingly annoying shoppers who seem to be oblivious to the fact that people are trying to pass by them, and, of course, the in-store kiosk where people with just a little too much perk are convinced that I must sample some sort of food byproduct that I can’t even identify.

I began to feel faint. I was a little dizzy. Pressing on, I started to feel actual fear creeping into me. I found it hard to breathe and my heart was pounding fast. I began to feel terror and my mind was racing. What was going on? Was I having a heart attack? Was I sick? Was I going to pass out right there in the store? That would be embarrassing. Who would help me? If I was going to die on the spot, then I might as well be close to the frozen food section so they could just throw me into one of the cabinets with the Birds Eye vegetables and Swanson TV dinners. I’m glad I can joke about it now because back then I was fighting for my life. Death seemed inevitable.

Chapter 5   Show Me the Exit – I want Off the Ride


Your story may be slightly different to mine.  Although you may suffer from anxiety attacks rather than panic attacks, the path to freedom is the same. This may be a good time to introject one of the major differences:

Panic Attack (No Identifiable stressors) 

Anxiety Attacks (Identifiable stressors) Examples of Anxiety stressors are actual situations or specific thoughts that bring on anxiety. Once you learn how to understand and gain control of your mind and thought patterns, you can learn how to alleviate the stressors.

Examples of stressors that could cause anxiety are:

  • knowing finances are bad and you could lose everything.
  • replaying in your mind why your spouse left you.
  • documented health concerns.
  • finding out someone you care about is an alcoholic or is addicted to drugs.
  • fears of being alone, pain, suffering, loss, etc.

The next few chapters point out the steps to freedom. There are many examples to help the reader to understand this complex information in a time in their life they are being challenged by mental torment.  Scattered throughout are many real-life stories.

Chapter 6   Understanding Your Opponent – Preparing for Battle


Over the years, I have helped so many people gain their freedom over panic attacks. Not because of medical expertise, but because I was a victim. In the case of panic attacks, and the success of overcoming them, experience becomes the best teacher.

Panic attacks can be so debilitating and damaging that a victim often loses all hope. My hope is that, from my personal experience and insight, my victory can be shared with others. Please don’t take that as an arrogant statement, I’m just saying that experience has blessed me with the ability to be a blessing to others.

One thing that can be very frustrating is seeking support from people who have never struggled with anxiety or panic attacks. Whether these people are friends, relatives, or even doctors, they have a lot of trouble wrapping their head around what you’re going through and may end up classifying you as nothing more than a “stressed out hypochondriac.” Most of the time they will try to offer a simple rational solution to a very complex irrational situation. Also, people will often ask, “Well, when this feeling hits you, can’t you just reason in your mind that is just another panic attack occurrence, and not overreact to it?”

Oh, if it could only be that easy.


What you need to know about how adrenaline is and how it works.

At this point, the first thing that most people conclude is that there is a major malfunction of their body and they are probably facing a heart attack, a stroke, or a mental breakdown. At this point because of the fear of the unknown, a second rush of adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. This is what I refer to is second-level panic attack. The gripping part of this situation is that now everything that you felt initially that caused you to enter into terror has now become so much worse.

Chapter 8 When you are dealing with fear rooted in the subconscious and based on speculation, you cannot identify the source of the fear, so you cannot identify why you are in fear, and hence…


Next week I will share with you a few more excerpts. The author’s life was out of control! Those that read the book share how easily it is to relate to his life, his story. Brian wrote –

Message from the author:

If only a book like this, had been around when I was battling panic attacks! If I knew then what I know now I would not have gone through years of torment. The experience, as horrible as it was, has blessed me with the ability to be a blessing to others. I do not like to see others in such torment! Brian Ludwig

Brian Ludwig

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Panic disorder and anxiety disorder have the ability to hold us hostage by the formation of thinking patterns that have been established by continually experiencing fear and despair.   Brian Ludwig