Years ago, a friend of mine, John Mc Ternan, asked me to help him with make a brochure about healing the broken heart.  There are now millions in print!  They are printed in – Arabic, English, Swahili, Chinese, Urdu, Spanish,  Sri Lanka…  They circle the globe with a very large presence in  Chinese, India, and Africa.  My readers come from these areas, and I invite you to download the printable brochures and share them.  

Taken from the brochure:

Within the broken heart lies anger, fear, anxiety, terror, hatred, and bitterness, and these emotions are what lead to panic attacks, depression, and the need for drugs. It is the broken heart that generates these emotions which are only symptoms. The real problem is a broken heart.

What Breaks the Heart:

Divorce (This is especially devastating to children); Abuse (Both physical and mental); Abandonment; Rejection; Hatred; War; Abortion; Tragedy; and Death.   

This world is designed to break our hearts. Once the heart is broken, there is nothing on earth that can fix it. Psychology with all of its drugs cannot heal it. There are self-help programs with various steps to peace, but they cannot heal it. There is nothing on earth that can heal a broken heart because the root is spiritual. The effects of the broken heart only can be lessened or managed, but Jesus Christ is the only one who can heal a broken heart. One of His titles is the “Great Physician”, who God sent to heal the brokenhearted.

If a leg was severely fractured, a doctor would put the bones back together and bind the break. This might involve putting screws in the bone and then putting a cast around it. This is exactly the way the Great Physician heals the broken heart. He takes all the broken pieces and puts them together and then binds up the heart, so it can heal and remain healed!


Today more than ever before people of all ages are experiencing long-standing worry, anxiety, depression… If you are searching for freedom from mental torment, you must learn that a broken heart can keep you from obtaining what you so desperately desire.   

No matter how hard you try to fill a clay pot with water if it has cracks you will never get it to remain full!  People see counselors and may be on medication for years.  They keep sowing into the clay pot with cracks and unless the pot is made whole this cycle will continue, you may feel good for a while but the fluid continues to seep out of the cracks.  

If YOUR mental torment stems from a Broken Heart, it can be healed!   

Call John, his contact information is below. He will help you determine if you are suffering from a broken heart and then help you be set free!    I have been on calls with him from different areas around the globe and I have sat with him across the table from those in the utmost distress, and have experienced time after time the miracle of binding their broken heart!

In Kenya, 2 pastors praying over an Imam after reading the brokenhearted brochure.


Phone 717 329 0470.   

Email  Mct911@aol.com in the subject line put  – Broken Heart

Ministers around the world invite John to give his message on healing the broken heart on a big screen with translators! When this ministry is brought to other countries at times entire villages become transformed and filled with peace joy and contentment!

Black Tanzania pastor led two Chinese men to the Lord through the brochure healing their hearts!

John Teaching about Healing the Broken heart.  John has found that frequently those in mental torment walk with unforgiveness and fear! (Starting at 13:03 he discusses the mind and how strongholds of negativity can hold you down.)   

Here is a link to John on the Sid Roth TV program 

Take the time to look at and listen to this information if you indeed want to be set free! Share it with anyone who has struggles.