The Neuroscience of Motivation and Persistence by Christopher Bergland

Why quitters quit and others retain the brainpower to keep working persistently.

Before I post the information about the broken heart I stumbled upon this article. This article does a great job explaining the mental fatigue that people experience when overcoming any challenge.

Here is the link to follow: The Neuroscience of Motivation and Persistence

Take away – it is different for all people on how easily or quickly they can overcome their mental health challenges. Do not compare yourself to what others have expereinced. We are wired differently.

Take note of the section – Might Tricking Your Ventral Striatum Into Placing Higher Value on the Usefulness of Achieving a Goal Offset Unrecoverable Fatigue?… and how imagination can be helpful!

Overcoming is all about Motivation and Persistence!

Learn how to overcome thoughts of quitting through understanding.

Education is the key to healthier happier living.