About the mental health “collective“.

You have been pulled into the collective and are now functioning as others expect those with mental torment to behave. Those who carry mental health burdens have joined the collective. The longer you have been attached to this “cube of influence” the more implants you are likely to have.  The longer you have experienced that which you do not want; the more you need to keep pressing in to change.   

‘GOOD THING is that the implants that have taken away your identity can successfully be removed!

So, you just want to be happy, and content. You want to jump the track from where you are in your mental health journey.   And that is exactly what you need to do.  You need to start removing the BORG-like implants of societal labeling for mental health.

The societal implants of mental illness need to be removed!

If you remain where you are just rolling along the same old tracks nothing will change.  Once you truly become uncomfortable enough in being a part of the mental health collective you can change. Just like an alcoholic you need first to realize there will need to be some drastic changes to set you free from the collective of panic, anxiety, depression, excessive worry, PTSD, addiction, hopelessness,………

A change in behavior starts by thinking differently, by intentionally choosing the thoughts you entertain. The battle for the victory of your mind cannot be fought by someone else.

Changes in desires and feelings are influenced by the way you think.

Junk comes in from everywhere. It must be identified and it must be dealt with correctly. How you deal with it will be decided by the lifestyle you choose to live, by the behavior you choose to embrace. Success or failure is not determined by your past, it is determined by your willingness to embrace

If you are conformed to the BORG-like world you will not see the need or have the desire to change incoming negative thoughts.   If you have been unsuccessful to overcome

Don’t start by focusing on what you have to do. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed on how to go on from day to day.  Focus first on how you must think if you want to do something different.,  live your life differently.

Transformation begins in changing the way you think. It starts by severing your connection with the Collective.

Take some time to review some previous posts that will guide you on ways to transform your mind.

This BORG-like influence, this collective of thoughts certainly does not make you feel happy or content. It strips you of personal joy.    Your mindset has been shaped by your association in the CUBE and ultimately impacts how you now process information that you receive.

I am starting a “ series” of short mind provoking posts. Ponder on the content. Reread until you “assimilate” the message.


Changing your MINDSET


  • learn to identify thoughts and identify where they came from
  • know if how you are feeling matches up with the word of God

If your feelings drive you to have deceptive thoughts, then take authority over the initial thoughts that could cause you to have feelings that were based on lies.

Don’t give the demonic realm the right to pitch a tent in your mind. Demand that your thoughts line up with the word of God. Demand that any thought that does not line up with the word of God is cast out by meditating on the truth found in the word of God.

The longer that you meditate on thoughts that war against the truth of the word of God, the more permanent the housing that those thoughts are contained by.

When you continually house thoughts that war against the knowledge of God, you allow more and more houses to be constructed. At that point, you have allowed a mindset to be established.

Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. Your thought habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do. Your mindset impacts how you process the information that you receive.

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