New Year Analogies to help those with mental torment to reclaim joy and move forward.


1st analogy

The Quilt of Life

Often a quilt is made by many people that gather. The finished project is determined by the contributors.  Each and every stitch becomes part of the finished project, just as in life people and events have influenced you.  At times you need to reflect and choose who is allowed to work on your quilt.  For a beautiful quilt, you need tight even stitches in accordance with your plan. 

IF someone comes to your quilting bee and

  • has dirty hands 
  • stitches haphazardly
  • talks down to you and your efforts,   
  • does not listen to your instructions placing things upside down or crooked….

The quilt will not be what you envisioned. Every time you look at the quilt your eyes will be drawn to the imperfections again and again.  You will continue to focus on the negative. HOWEVER, any area can be restitched, washed, or replaced!

You must choose to repair or replace that which separates you from happiness. Sometimes this means going it alone until you find those who will support you. Then together produce a harmony that will drown out all imperfections. This may include a Therapist or Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The quilt of your life must be completed in love with patience and carefully taken stitches.   Oft times you may feel those closest to you will seem like they try to sabotage your life.   Those who cause you distress may need to be kept out of the inner circle…  You need to be selective of those who “quilt” with you.  

As you grow in strength and understanding you will be able to not let offense, unforgiveness anger, and fears influence you.  These things stand in the way of experiencing peace joy and contentment.

2nd analogy

When your Life is like a record that skips!

Undesirable, hurtful, or traumatic events in your life have put scratches and dirt on the record of your life. When the record skips it is like mental torment replaying, again and again, that which is undesirable.  A skip is caused by dirt or dust built upon the record or collected on the needle. Therefore, the needle cannot stay in its groove. You end up skipping over the happiness in your life.

When you constantly dwell on the “undesirable”  you will never discover the beauty which lies beneath. You skip over the times you smiled or laughed. To return to its former beauty, dirt and scratches need to be removed!

Instead of thinking of your life like a broken record, realize you can restore a record. Or transition into thinking of your past as a cassette, or VHS  tape. Where It is possible to “rerecord” multiple times! Use this analogy to try to recreate fond memories and that which made you happy.   

Your mindset will control how you proceed into the New Year.


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 

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