DEER and DOGS – On Conquering Strongholds

Not sure how many of you are aware that the only time a deer enters into a “pant” is when it is being chased!    As soon as the chase is over the deer will look for water. The deer looks for water to replenish the needs of the body. It also looks for water as a way of escape – to hide its scent so that whatever is chasing the deer will no longer be able to track it. (I am sure you have seen  how people walk in the water  and come out way upstream or downstream so that it will confuse the dogs hunting them.)

The way I see it we are superior to the animal kingdom.  But there is a message to be found in thinking about the panting deer. We operate  with the same basic vital needs.    Those of water, food, shelter, and safety. The deer intrinsically  knows that it must cross the water. I do not think the deer stands at the water’s edge and deliberates about whether it should cross.  

Yet us humans often let the deluge of negative emotions take hold and control our behaviors that keeps us in  the darkness of submission.  Your responses become deep ruts that have become a stronghold in your way of thinking and thus it controls  your emotions which controls your responses. Have you ever gotten to the water’s edge and did not move forward?

Something in your life, some circumstances created a stronghold on your emotions so that happiness and normalcy is buried. They are still there but seem too distant to strive for.  Instead of being like the panting deer– reaching the water replenishing and moving on in safety, you might stop short.  When you do, chase is likely to resume and the torment will continue.    

This causes many to  fall short of breakthrough. Thus, driving a person to make the wrong  harmful decisions that only strengthens the stronghold  of panic, anxiety, depression, etc.  This negativity, this dark enemy, tries to make and keep you weak and it starts with attacks on the realm of your soul – your emotions.

SOUL  is the outer man your identity, your “self” your emotions, your feelings, your intellect, and it is a dwelling place for those dark negative evil charged thoughts. This is where self-pity takes root. And the spirit of offense  resides.

SPIRIT is your inner man that  gives us peace. It also gives you  revelation  i.e. insight and understanding.  In contrast the Spirit is light. It fills that void that people experience.

We need you to have your Spirit, take charge and overrule the soul. The soul needs to be trained to look past circumstances and situations to be able to overcome the ingrained negative mindset. The mind controlled by the Spirit offers life and peace.

The Spirit nurtures hope leads to faith which is the opposite of fear.

The Spirit nurtures hope expectation and desire for certain things to happen.  When you begin to have complete trust or confidence that these things WILL come to pass that is Faith,  and Faith is the opposite of fear!

Fear is what drives most mental torment.  

Just like the fearful deer when chased becomes desperate for water where it can replenish and move on. Our fears cause us to become desperate for peace of mind.  When you acquire peace of mind, you will not feel alone and defeated. Moving on then becomes more desirable. At times people choose to stay where they are because of the unknown.

When you do not feel alone and defeated you will develop a stronger desire to cross the water and no longer be chased by anxiety, hopelessness, and fear.

You cannot allow your thoughts to be controlled by what you see or the way you feel.


Did you ever see a child or small person attempt to walk a large dog? That person doesn’t control the dogs, the dogs control them. In the same manner, so many people are being controlled and held hostage to their thoughts.

We have to take control over the way we think, because the way we think is going to determine the way we behave.

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