Most people have heard the saying “childlike faith.  I like to think of it as the missing link to obtaining complete freedom from mental torment.  Many people have breakthroughs but then slip back into where they had just come from. This is a given and to be expected for a little while but as you gain a positive momentum and know there is HOPE your life will begin to change. As you know a child will fall as it learns to walk. Those who want freedom so bad and possess child like faith they are the ones just know HOPE that is above everything that could set them back.

Hope is also another way of programming your mindset to let go and bury the negative thoughts, the negative patterns of behavior.  Hope gives  you strength and endurance. Most people did not just wake up suffering with overwhelming anxiety, worry, exorbitant  stress.  Most anxiety does not appear overnight.   An incident may have had profoundly impacted you but with most people it  morphs overtime.  It can get more profound, and your mindset will encompasses all that was and is negative.

I’ve had 2 experiences while in army training for recruiting.  Either one could have had lasting impact but after the initial fear I took control again and started to laugh about it, as I shared it with others. So many who share their “stories” with others think they need to continue to be dramatic about what happened.  It is as if they are seeking understanding, seeking others to tell them -oh yes that was terrible. All that does is to perpetuate the problem and give it a stronghold over your life. Some people use these tales to try and explain their behavior, their depression, their anxiety… They think that if someone else can feel their pain they will somehow feel better.   Do not take offense to this statement just continue reading.   

I tend to face opposition to my happiness through the eyes of a child. With my dad right by my side telling me everything will be OK!

My Army Reserve tales

# 1 While being only one of 3 females  in our USAR  summer camp, our barracks were set on fire. The MP’s questioned us if we said no to any man…. Anyway,  enough with that story even though there is more.  The incident could have set off many triggers for anxiety.

One of my biggest strengths  is that of always wanting to be in control of my emotions. Remember I never want anyone see me cry.  I choose  not to of going down the negative rabbit hole.  This has been one of my savings graces I just take the high road.

#2 While on an army base, a training school for recruiting,  a few of us decided to walk to town. When we arrived, it was no place for a lady!   One of the men decided to walk me back to the barracks for  safety. On the way back  which was about 1 mile. As we passed through a  section of trees, we were ambushed by 2 guys! The bigger one backed the man I was with into the wooded area waving a gun.  The other was a little dude with pleather pants , yes skin tight clothing, etc. I saw no weapon. He knocked me to the ground trying to get my handbag which I tightly tucked under my right arm. He ripped off  the strap as he straddled over me. Opportunity was there. I walloped him as hard as I can with my left hand … right between the legs.  Needless to say, he ran off screaming. YEH! The guy with the gun let my escort go and ran off fearing for his life.  What a night to remember.  Questioned by the MP’s this memory was very vivid and intrusive for quite a while. I had not even had my 20th birthday. Any kind of darkness or being alone, or odd sounds, and the thought of being snuck up on played repeatedly in my mind.

Once again, I choose to take control before it would become a part of mindset of anxiety.  It started first with telling the story with some levity. Like how I told him off as he tried to get my purse. “Shouting no way Jose!”  and “I’m going to deck you!”  It got even more fun as I added the lesson learned to always carry my  purse under the left arm…”cause if I did that man would never have children!”

 So, as I learned to make light and laugh about it, I could take back control. 

I possessed a childlike faith that all would be fine just as it had always been.  No deep dark rabbit holes for me. I felt peace that my dad had always told me just do the right things, you are strong,  you are an overcomer, remember  you are made in His image,  do not let anything get you down.

I researched the words Childlike Faith and below I will put a few links of what I found but there is a connection.

I thankfully stumbled upon a wonderful blog! It is incredible and covers so many areas that I know you may be struggling with.     


Three of my favorite articles are: What are you Fighting For? Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick When You Just Want To Be Noticed ——————————————————————————————–

Be sure to check the category of COURAGE. All the posts hold keys to your overcoming mental torment.

 Here are 2 other sites that may hold the keys to your freedom.

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#1 Childlike Faith

Children do not take the care of their lives unto themselves, they don’t have to, the parents take that care, and the children are free. Children have no cares to worry about, no mortgages, no bills to pay, and no work schedules to keep. Their lives are in the hands of their parents and all of their needs are met. They don’t worry if they will be fed or clothed, these things are simply provided for them and they have no need to know how or why, they just expect them. When they fall, they are comforted, when they are afraid, they are reassured and they trust what their parents tell them even to the point of believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, if that is what their parents tell them. They trust so simply and so completely without fear of the “what if’s”. They” WAIT upon”,  look for and expect, that their parents will provide all that they need. Isn’t that the way we need to trust in Father God and believe in what He has said to us?

follow link below to read in its entirety, excerpt below

Here is another article to review.

When it comes to faith, adults learn how to doubt. We’re skeptical. We’re jaded. We try to intellectualize everything.  Yes, in the adult world, life is complex, and we strive to become mature in our thinking, our attitudes, our relationships, and our behaviors. But in the arena of faith, as counterintuitive as it might seem, Jesus points to children as the model for mature faith. Children believe. Children trust. Today, if you find yourself struggling with doubts, skepticism, and cynicism about God’s place in your life, it’s time for a change. It’s time to recapture the childlike wonder of faith and trust. And as Jesus reminds us, it’s the mature thing to do.

My daddy was awesome! Many of you may not have had the type of father figure growing up that nurtured and encouraged you. But we all have a father in Heaven.

Yes, knowing God and His promises is the connection.

Previously I had mentioned that those  I run into that seem to not only overcome panic, anxiety, depression…but they do so quicker and they tend not to fall backwards into negative mindsets are those that have a belief system.  Those people that understand this childlike faith, learn this internal hope can annihilate negative thoughts. This does not mean  negative thought completely disappear but if they fly in, they can fly out just as fast with you in control.

Most of us just want to feel happy and I for one will not let “stuff” get in the way.  To change the way you think, does take some time and effort but it is well worth it!  You can do it on your own, with a therapist and meds if needed but  if you add the promises of God into the picture … I’m just saying those people get there quicker, easier, and once they find this place of peace and joy in their life… filling in the rabbit holes in is the only option.


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