Your actions, your behavior does not take place without your mind being involved. For there to be an action to occur with my body, your mind must initiate that action.

If your behavior is out of control, it’s because of the thoughts you have entertained.  IE things you most frequently think about, read about, say, look at. In other words, negative things that only reinforce that which you desire to change.

If you control your thoughts, you can limit any evil unwanted behavior. Behaviors such as panic, or anxiety attacks, health anxiety, paranoia, depression, meltdowns…

If you want to stop bad behavior, reprogram the thoughts you entertained repeatedly to get you to that place.

This is not simple; in fact, it can be difficult but well worth the effort in conjunction with what YOU need to be set free from mental torment.   Some need meds some don’t some need more support than others, some need counselors and there are many to choose from. Some need to learn to lean on God.  It must work for you

Your body is a vessel. It can engage in any action – no matter how pure or how evil.  There are certain truths in the world. Light is not dark, good is not bad basically life is the study of opposites

The actions of your body are limited to your thoughts because your mind is needed to initiate a behavior.

If your mind will not, or no longer embraces something you deem unacceptable, your body cannot perform it!

The more you think or meditate on what you have become accustomed to, the more you create a desire for certain behavior. EX: I check my pulse after any activity can become something you do constantly.

Think deeply as you continue to read.

Fear causes you to meditate on potential loss. Faith causes you to meditate on potential gain.

You must take charge of your thought life so that your thought life doesn’t take charge of you.

When a boyfriend/girlfriend breakup, one of the two are usually overtaken by grief. The fear of loss escalates the desire of what you are potentially losing. The enemy will torment you with the fear of loss which causes you to continually meditate on that potential loss. If your mind is locked in on the potential loss, the desire for what you may lose will only continue to escalate. People resort to “How will I be able to go on? What am I supposed to do?…  This will never work?… For those with the spirit of abandonment this is more pronounced.  You become consumed with worry and anxiety even if you are fully aware that you have been mentally of physically abused.  

However, when the person in grief and misery meets someone else and their attention and thoughts start to focus on a new relationship, pain and grief begins to dissipate. That’s because thoughts have been redirected and fear has been greatly reduced.  That is unless you continue to “entertain” the type of relationships that caused your misery, or you continue to hang with the same crowd, listen to the same sad songs…

If you can be kept in fear, and then only focus on the fear this will cause you much pain. Fear and sadness go hand in hand. With sadness hope gets shoved aside.

Do not subject your thoughts and your affections to anything that could drive you to harmful, impulsive behavior.

Social media pushes selfish, rebellious self-centered often evil thought patterns, that on the surface appear as normal because of its acceptance in society.   It may seem normal to everyone, or maybe just to your circle of friends.

What you focus on will determine your reality. What you focus on will determine who you become.

Some people spend their entire life attempting to keep from failing. Constantly meditating on potential failure will actually usher failure into your life.  

If you keep focusing on what you don’t want to be, how you don’t want to live that will consume your “thought life”. Eventually your behavior will match what is always on your mind.

Fill your mind with thoughts about what you want to be. Your thoughts will ultimately drive your behavior.

Is the source of your greatest potential happiness and your greatest potential pain found in the same package?  If so, you have just identified why you live in constant drama, worry and anxiety. Don’t take ownership of pain and fears so that they become your identity. This can make you more vulnerable more emotional and you can become more susceptible to being offended. Often it is because your trust has been hindered due to past experiences.

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you and through you. Learn to live from the inside out.  

Hope and peace be within reach but   made ineffective when pain is exalted. Don’t be afraid of pain. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong or out of line. Go after pain and find the source.

Don’t let pain isolate you and drive you to self-pity. Sometimes you must go through pain instead of going around.

Discover the source of the pain. Don’t look for something to mask the pain, search on to you find what is initiating the pain. Figure out why pain is there. Figure out why a little thing escalates into something major.

When and why are you in pain? Talk to yourself, find out what in the realm of your soul, is hurting and out of line.

Why are some people able to push your buttons?  

There can be a very tender spot in your soul – your emotions and your mind. What could feel like a tap to one person can feel like a punch to another person.

Create an atmosphere that embraces hope.

  • When you’re sad, don’t listen to sad songs.
  • Don’t be deceived to talk to people who are in the same boat, in order to find someone to confirm your misery.
  • Don’t be in a place that confirms your pain, find an atmosphere that will help you receive healing peace and joy.
  • Make sure the “hospital” is not infected. When you are hurting, don’t hang out with people who are worse off than you are.
  • Misery loves company for those who live in self-pity may not really want to get delivered.
  • People hang out with people in pain so they can justify their own pain.
  • People in pain will always have excuses why they cannot succeed.
  • Be careful what you watch, turn off the news. Expose yourself to victory, not to constant examples of defeat.

Develop a plan to become who you were meant to be and to rid yourself of pain. Once you have developed a plan, carefully monitor how focused you are to obtain victory. The priority of your actions will reveal just how desperate you are to obtain your freedom.