We talked about not taking offense. Let’s clarify what that means.

You can be offended by comments, things you see, things you hear that makes you feel attacked.  It can present as being paranoid over every action you are witness to, assuming the worst, always taking away something negative.  Offense shuts down your ability to see clearly.  Then you see only through the eyes of offense. Needless to say, it is negative and the “negative” becomes attached to you

When offense takes root, the first place it’s coming after is your mind. If offense can attach itself to your thoughts, it owns your ability to process understanding. The moment offense attaches itself to your mind, the ability to have clarity and peace is diminished, as everything now becomes about feeding every thought that is only directed at the hurt through offense.

Offense taints how you love, how you think, and how you behave.     Offense is #1 in destroying relationships.

In other words, taking offense is becoming angry or depressed by things said or not said to and around you. i.e. things that hurt your feelings. You “feel offended” It can also be motivated by differing views politically, spiritually, socially, the list of possible offenses is endless.

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Drama and the Spirit of Offense

What is keeping you from peace and joy?

When offense attaches itself to relationships, they turn toxic.  Friends become enemies, anger steps in and unforgiveness follows. This has divided many families, friends, and relationships in general. Many with anxiety or depression feel alone, separated from others.  Often it is offense that is the culprit.    Offense separates you from happiness and causes hopelessness anger, despondency. It has the ability to destroy you.

Do not allow anxiety to become your life. Do not let fear or hopelessness take control. You know deep down you have gifts that you could share, you have abilities not yet demonstrated because anxiety/ mental torment has overridden your mindset making you less effective.       

I know of hundreds who have overcome mental torment. For years they were fueling negative thoughts, and living with a spirit of offense, by meditating on and giving substance to that which does NOT lead to happiness and Joy.

INFACT:  You may become comfortable with those emotions that lead you to isolation and on being easily offended.


 A man was diagnosed with – angry depression. Anger is how many men deal with depression.  Those around him asked him to seek help he did so begrudgingly. He went through several counselors because he did not want to accept what they were saying that is, he would have to change. Especially, he would have to change the way he thought, the way he viewed life.

Finally, one counselor had a breakthrough and he was placed on an antidepressant. Thoughts were that he would only take it while he was changing the way he thought. After a couple of weeks people noticed he was reacting NORMALLY to situations that before used to set him off. He was very self centered, He had become a very unlikable…unlovable man.

HOWEVER: Suddenly he stopped taking the medicine! His reason was that he felt… different.  He was so used to the rage within himself he only felt comfortable when he was filled with rage (his words).   

You can become used to feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, rage, even unforgiveness etc.  Yet with these things in control of the way you think your behavior will follow suite and it is no wonder that relationships may be challenging. Think about this and make sure you are not backing off from that which you know is a less productive life because of mental torment. 

Your mind when not filled with racing thoughts and constant speculation… When cleared of the negative will then have room to fill you with happiness and true contentment. I mean a contentment that can even weathers offense.

When you entertain negative thought frequently, they create a pattern for subsequent thoughts to follow and then you continue to arrive at the same conclusion of sadness, despair and fear!

Step out in faith that you can take those troublesome thoughts captive. Start by realizing this can be done and has been done by many people with tons of baggage. No one is beyond the ability to change. This link provides a spiritual look at the spirit of offense.

You just need to start unlocking door after door until you reach your goal. And as you go through a door lock it behind you.

The way to start to take thought captive is by speaking out loud words opposed to the way you are feeling. When you proclaim out loud that which you want, your mind must stop thinking to see what your mouth has to say. Slowly you can start to fill in the negative ruts and unwanted thoughts and behavior.  The more you start to take back control the quicker and easier it gets. You must be persistent and bold and have a desire to change. You got into the rut of because of repetition. You must overcome  the deceptions that took hold of your mindset in the first place.  But this time, you are prepared with the knowledge of what happened.  You will have to completely fill in the old ruts the old negative mindset. So, you will not fall back into the same old, same old.

Learn how to stop feeding harmful thought patterns. If you want to change  do not entertain negative hurtful angry thoughts, do not talk about them and be surrounded by those that do. Do not listen to music or watch TV that can prevent you from breaking free.  And today especially those who gravitate to social media filled with others in the same predicament. Look to social media that present a positive spin on how to gain our freedom.    Surround yourself with positive experiences!

There will always be those that say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Rise above the offense do not let what others do or say affect your life. We should realize that other people’s comments or actions should not dictate on how we live our lives.

Offense is an event, but offended is a decision. Is there a way to live less offended? And can the prison of offense actually be escaped? 

The video does an excellent job explaining the pitfalls of relationships when offense is present. I like what is said at min 4 and then at min 6.25. The comments let you know just how powerful the message is.

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