Up to 35% of the population experience a panic attack at some time in their lives.   That is a lot of people!

( photo from   calmsage.com re panic disorder and Generalized anxiety disorder – GAD)

What does an attack look like?  Just as people are all different,  panic and anxiety do not always present the same.   Attacks do not have “one look”.

A racing heart and an anxious mind, a change in your breathing, may not be detectable to onlookers. They cannot see your sweaty palms and the sense of worry that overwhelms you.   Remember those experiencing an attack can have as many symptoms as there are body systems! It can vary from one attack to another just enough that you fear and often believe that something is terribly wrong!

Mental torment shows its face in many ways.  Some people withdraw and isolate themselves.   Some people cry uncontrollably. Others sit silently with streams of tears running down their face.  All are battling their own brain,

It is what is raging inside, through your thoughts  –  fear, a sense of spiraling out of control.   You may experience the feeling that your mind has gone blank. You can be overcome with a surge of overpowering panic or the feeling of losing control. You may experience extreme fear. Excessive worry, distress, uncontrollable thoughts of doom, or thoughts of death.  You can become irritable and find it difficult to concentrate. You may experience fright and feel the need to escape.

A little about this blog:

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Remember we take a POSITIVE APPROACH to panic and anxiety!

To change the way you behave you need to change the way you think!

The stories are real often written with specific people in mind as they have shared their experiences or have asked a question that we are answering.     

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