Anger is a Big thing! It can keep you from happiness.

Anger is an all-consuming emotion that often accompanies those who suffer from mental torment. It goes hand in hand with depression and lurks wherever there is self-pity. It dominates over peace, joy, and contentment. Anger can cause a wide array of physical ailments as if symptoms from the stress hormones is not enough. It can stem from an injustice,  or jealousy ( why do they seem to be happy and have it together but not me?). Those injustices even though years past can taint your emotional state and be carried throughout your life. Your memory when surrounded by the negative can become clouded allowing you to turn events into Goliaths that hold center seat in your life.

How Depression Makes Us Angry 

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As Sigmund Freud used to say, “Depression is anger turned inwards.” Most of us are familiar with the common symptoms of depression, such as feelings of sadness, fatigue, lack of interest in normally enjoyable activities, and general feelings of loneliness. But what about feelings not commonly associated with depression? Several studies have found that depression, anger, anxiety, and curiosity are all linked together, with more studies on the topics emerging.

This article could be life-changing once you grasp its foundational teaching! It compares: Adaptive anger is what many professionals consider the “positive” type. And comparatively, non-adaptive anger is detrimental to our mental health. This type of anger is often turned inward, causing damaging thoughts against ourselves. This can leave feelings of decreased self-esteem or self-loathing. It’s the type of anger that focuses on itself and leaves you feeling worse than before.

It goes on with a question – Do You Think Your Anger Could Be Depression In Disguise?

Anger just like the stress hormones can protect you in fight-or-flight circumstances. can be beneficial. However, anger can give a foothold to “darkness” in our life. It can alter your mindset and that there are consequences. Anger whether unresolved or explosive can also be stuffed away tainting your mental health and enjoyment of life.


In they discuss the benefits of anger when you look at it as it the emotion it is supposed to be.  The article states things such as anger is designed to promote survival, it can be motivational to help you make changes and drive you toward your goals, it can trigger optimism… but without a positive outcome, anger is just a debilitating emotion. Extreme or unchecked anger locks you into a mindset where nothing good can be accomplished. The article should help you understand that if anger motivates can positively influence your life circumstance or something around you. That is how emotion is supposed to interface with your life.  The KEY word is positive. It comes it goes get over it! If anger keeps you seething with your head held down and you disengage from the joys of life you need change. Do not let anger make you feel bad, withdraw, and make decisions that can be self-destructive!



An excellent resource especially for auditory learners is a video series that comes with a transcript. Below are a few excerpts and where to find them. Take the time to listen to part 1



It starts by listing many types of ways that people become angry that all readers will identify! Listen to min 07:29. to 11:28      

The many faces of anger 26:35 to 29:25.  There are 3 types of “ anger” which one are you? We’re going to talk about spewers, people that explode. We’re going to talk about people that are stuffers, who push it down in. And then we’re going to talk about leakers, people who get angry but they realize it’s not safe to express it over here. So, they take it over to here to a safe area. And sometimes they express it to people that weren’t even a part of what made them angry or sometimes they figure out how to push the buttons of that person. And then they can say oh, I was only joking.

People shut down, assert power and authority, become pushy or aggressive, yell, scream, shout, slam, belittle, demean, and slander, intimidate others, become depressed, isolate themselves, alienate other, suppress their feelings, repress, regress, become fearful, hit grab, punch, kick, bite and throw things, become defensive, become prideful and arrogant, Become withdrawn, become self-righteous, lie, cuss, withhold affection, whine, put others down, roll their eyes…..

28:33 Other people express their anger by spewing it out, threatening others, becoming hostile or violent, blaming others, feeling shame, manipulating others, experiencing self-hatred, covering up their feelings, pretending you don’t really feel that way, rationalizing or justifying your actions or feelings, making excuses, becoming discouraged, despondent and depressed, gossiping or slandering someone that you feel righteously should get it, minimizing your anger and how it affects others, denying your feelings, feeling self-pity, becoming critical and cynical, becoming sarcastic, giving the other person the silent treatment and finally, crying. That’s how we express our anger….


Do you wear the mask of anger?

Redirecting anger at yourself causes physical ailments such as ulcers, tension headaches, muscle cramps    37:33- 47:14  This section helps you determine how you deal with anger issues.              

Do you stuff your anger away do you leak it out either directly or indirectly? Is anger blocking you from happiness?  

This is a lot to think about.  Most of all those who are angry #1 may not identify it as anger, and #2 they feel justified. If you have been having problems experiencing the happiness you desire an angry stumbling block may be in your way!

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