MIMICKING YOUR SURROUNDING… Surround yourself with blueprints of how you WANT to live.

Whatever you hang around long enough will make its way into your behavior, your language,  and the way you see the world.    We must protect our eyes, our ears, and our minds from being surrounded and occupied by that which we do not want.  Many people say they can hang around negative influences saying,  “it does not affect me”.   Yet, they continue to struggle with various forms of mental torment.  They continue to yoke themselves to people, auditory and visual forces that influence their behaviors and enhance the negativity they are trying to escape.  If you want to become free from panic, anxiety, depression, etc.  Changes will have to be made.  

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A very interesting animal is the Mimic Octopus for he is the master of disguise. This amazing animal can change colors and skin texture.  The Mimic Octopus has been observed to impersonate the shape and behavior of other aquatic animals. I am fascinated by this intelligent creature. Their skin is an extension of their eyes and brains. WOW! These odd-looking creatures can even problem solve. They can change hundreds of times in just a few hours. These skills keep them thriving.   It is said they have been around for millions of years and originally had a  shell.   A shell to protect them that they no longer need!   I think of it as they have learned coping skills suited to keep them prospering in their environment.  They got rid of what was not necessary, the shell.

We are all born with coping skills, but life somehow distorts the way a person interprets the world around them.   It is like the depressed person whose spouse left them over 30 years ago and yet they still go to therapy over this issue???   Think of it as you still dragging that cumbersome shell with you.  You just want to be free but until that shell is disposed of you remain in bondage.

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.  Often our memories are flawed by whatever we surround ourselves with.)   

It would be great if someone with anxiety, depression,  panic, PTSD, OCD you name it…  could learn to change their mindset allowing them to prosper.   If the mere octopus (with about 500 million neurons,  close to a dog) can adapt with far fewer brain cells just think of what mankind is capable of!  (Human beings having near 100 billion neurons)

What can we learn from about the mimic octopus?

It has lost its shell because it found out if they fit into the environment it can stay safe from harm. If we apply that logic to continue to live a productive life we need to learn how to fit in with our environment. Let me clarify fit in with the truth of life not a distorted negative view.

What if we would just apply the same principle.  We want to live free from the shell, the stigma, of mental torment. Learn to adapt to the environment in which we are placed or where we go.

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