The world has been made aware that Woods was just in a horrible rollover car crash.  He is a very high-profile athlete. Some even say Tiger is one of the most famous athletes of our time.  In the days and weeks to come, it will be known if there is any realistic hope for him to return to Golf at the same level.  Tiger has had many obstacles in his life, and he kept challenging himself to rise above them. I would like to take a few minutes to share with you just a little about his life. As you read think about how you could apply what you learn here.

Starting as a child Tiger Woods first obstacle was to overcome stuttering. It was not an easy task, but the discipline he founded has helped to guide him through many tough times.  The scandal of 2009 put him in a place of shame.  I will not explain it here, but it brought him down hard.  He lost his marriage almost lost his children. Tiger lost the respect of much of his adoring public.  A public figure could not fall much lower. He was judged shamed and humiliated, lost his sponsors and had to fight his way to the top.  This time in his life was that of psychological trauma.   I have heard that to overcome the debacle that stemmed from his actions he had to reexamine his life choices- that meant he had to conquer himself.  It was in Feb of 2019 that he admitted he needed help and so his journey back commenced.  He had to keep his eyes on the prize and not look back.  

The scandal as humiliating and stressful as it was not his only challenge. Tiger woods has a long and complicated medical/ surgical history of a neck injury and a string of back surgeries.  He also dealt with a sprained MCL and an Achilles issue followed by a string of back surgeries (2012, 2015, 2017). The man knew of pain both physical and emotional.

For sports enthusiasts, the Gulf Channel had a comprehensive story on the life of Tiger Woods. It talks about Tigers journey through personal shame and his comeback.

Taking on a more Biblical perspective – UNPACKING” it, is a podcast of Sports Fans Following Jesus! Many do not even know this exists but checking out their story on Tiger Woods and Overcoming would be a good introduction.


Why Tiger Woods you may ask? The quote below says it all! It is from nbcnews.com’s

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The adversity Woods is famous for overcoming, in other words, wasn’t something that happened to him. It was something that he did.   


He found forgiveness within himself, and redemption for his scandalous actions. He did not let pain and surgeries hold him back. He fought and he overcame.

The quote above lays out what is needed to move on from: a traumatic past,  hardships,  pain,  health issues, or behaviors,  that limit your effectiveness and render you unhappy, depressed, worried, or anxious.

There are many overcomers out there. When some people to see an athlete or someone they admire overcome hardships, it gives them hope! Americans think highly about those who are overcomers. Another great resource is the Kendrick Brothers Movie OVERCOMER . It is a feel good movie with a message – don’t give up!. If have not seen it follow the link to view the trailer.

If you want to change the way you behave first you must change the way you think! Layout a game plan. Just like an athlete it will take practice and persistence. One of my favorite sayings is your attitude determines you altitude! (Zig Ziglar)

Like Tiger, you need to strive for your goal step by step! The 4 main steps are:

1.Identifying your main problem.   Start simple one step at a time.

2. Check on the available resources.   Make a list of your strengths and skills, even if you feel lacking, think of a time you smiled or felt good, what were you doing?   What family or friends can you depend on?   It might be a counselor or maybe a pastor.

3.  Develop a plan of action. Realize you may need to modify your plan as it goes along.     

4. Execute your plan.    Start and don’t stop.  If something falls flat hit it from a different direction with a new perspective. Call upon a new set of eyes, sometimes a new therapist… Use things that did not yet work as steppingstones to progress not as boulders blocking your path.

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