Those who Binge have low self-esteem.

A nursing perspective part 3

We are going to end this section on anxiety and eating disorders with Binge eating.   Many people will overeat, but binge eating takes it a little further.   Eating becomes uncontrollable. The act of eating becomes comforting which is something to do in times of stress, worry, or being overwhelmed.  The pressures of life or sometimes just the challenges we place on ourselves can attribute to not only eating disorders but can contribute to anxiety in general. ( TRIGGER WARNING  Next week we will be back as usual.)

When people feel that “they have lost control” or things are spiraling out of control around them.  The simple act of eating is used as a way to gain back control over one thing that the world does not influence.   That is how much you eat.   

Binge eating is not just overeating but uncontrollable eating.  The good thing is that only a small percentage of people actually binge eat. Many overeat and gain weight but do not fall under the category of binging. Purging is not used.  

Those who binge eat often have anxiety and significant stress. They use eating to cope with anxiety and any negativity in their life.  Loneliness and isolation are also seen in this disorder.   Those who binge eat often have low self-esteem. Many people’s weight fluctuates. About half of the risk is genetic that is others in the family have a history of binge eating.  Often other members of the family are overweight.  This is seen in families where food is associated with comfort.  You fix everything by eating.

There are health risks associated with Binge eating. Your B/P can raise and your cardiac system is challenged your labs’ change. You can develop type 2 diabetes, have sleep disorders, gallbladder disease, and as you gain weight all the problems associated with obesity.  Joint problems are also common and with weight gain so is GERD. (gastroesophageal reflux)

Others ways to describe Binge eating:

  • Eating when full or not hungry,
  • Eating very rapidly, eating in secret,
  • Eating uncontrollably,
  • Eating until it hurts!
  • Feeling guilty after binging.

Binge eating often starts as just once a week but can increase. This is why it is important to deal with it ASAP. We do not want habits to become ingrained that with stress or anxiety you binge.

CBT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is often recommended and much more effective than self-help attempts.

We have said it before you have to change the way you think in order to change the way you behave!

You need to understand how  to overcome anxiety, understand how thoughts become ingrained  (habits are formed )and how to  change  your thought patterns