For my followers there is hope for all to overcome the mental torment that seems to attack some people more than others.    When fear and anxiety team up they fortify each other and seem to stay. If you add a dose of self-pity you create a stronghold of 3 for continued negativity and undesired outcomes.  They replace the peace and joy in your life. You become consumed  with this new darkness and hope seems to be outside your reach.  

This is a good time to  look back through the weekly post index.   Read or reread that which you may have missed.    We started with explanations for the symptoms of panic and anxiety to help you gain an understanding of what and why you experience that which makes you fearful.  This information is especially helpful for those with any type of health anxiety to review repeatedly. Purposely we are repetitive in some of the topics because it took repetition of negative thoughts and emotions to become behaviors. Such as anxiety, panic, fear, and depression.  Remember we have to change the way we think in order to change the way we behave.

Understandably  mental torment is often triggered by experiences of high anxiety,  caused by that which you are exposed to!  This repetition created your current mindset, the deep ruts, that now funnel your ever-waking thoughts down the rabbit hole  into the dark away from peace and joy.

Let us rehash a common denominator:

Some people are predisposed by their basic nature such as an overthinker who speculates.  Some have life histories that keep circulating with the replay button. But everyone deals with anxiety and worry at points in their life.


I am going to provide some links,  please follow them, with  some in-depth information  about our discussion today.   These ideas and knowledge may help set you on a path to understanding and defeating the negative/darkness in your life.  Hope is when you can see a glimmer of light:  

Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation.” Wikipedia

There will be a mix between secular and religious viewpoints.  I am sure most people can gather helpful hints from each article referred to.  

One of my favorite articles is by Curt Landry  on anxiety – When Anxiety Gets the Best of You.

He lists what I believe is a key to squelching the hurt, pain, and negativity that seems to be collapsing, and smothering you and your true purpose.

        Curt Landry                         My Take

          DO YOU                            Then some of your thought would be

  • Compares                           always comparing your life to others
  • Pushes or Rushes             making rash decisions
  • Fears                                    fearful of never being able to be free
  • Confuses                             truth form lies and deception
  • Discourages                       trying anything again
  • Worries                               about things others do not
  • Obsesses                              day in and day out on your troubles       
  • Deprives                              yourself from  new experiences
  • Condemns                           thinks negatively about your plight in life


  • Stills                                     the storm inside
  • Leads                                    you to peace joy and contentment
  • Reassures                            you that are never alone, and you are loved
  • Enlightens                           you to truths and how to achieve them
  • Encourages                         you to go outside your comfort zone…
  • Comforts                             you by being held in your Fathers arms
  • Calms                                   even the most horrific storm in your life
  • Convicts                              you to follow newfound truths 

An important take away from this article is to understand the statement regarding the cause of anxiety, it reads,   “Equally detrimental as drowning in worry, is to wear it like a badge.”

Offense and self-pity are very detrimental. In fact, they top the list of negative   emotions.  If you find yourself strongly identifying with either easily taking offense or self- pity this post may be your key to freedom.   The Psychology of Offense – explains.

The actual definition of the self-pity is – Self-pity is an emotion “directed towards others with the goal of attracting attention, empathy, or help” and one in which the subject feels sorry for themselves. Wikipedia

Another great read is found in  under the heading  Self-Pity vs sadness. It explains how – self-pity goes far beyond sadness and in fact compounds and exaggerates hopelessness and helplessness. 

Just think how this information may make it easier for you to explain where you are to friends and family.  If friends and family often feed into  self -pity with empathy….  There actions, done with a caring attitude, become a major factor in hitting the replay button!

If you identify with some of these things it may be best to seek out a counselor.  Those close to you often just perpetuate that which is negative.

Another good read is:  9 Ways to Get Past Self-Pity   How to stop a downward spiral before it starts. This is from Psychology today.

Another Curt Landry article talks says – YOU Can Change at Any Moment!  Yes, we can. Everyone experiences some sadness but do not choose to dwell there.

In Closing, my pray for you is change and experience growth in not only overcoming, but defeating mental anguish, by gathering hope through understanding. Stop hitting the replay button set yourself on the path toward the light and once you start… DO NOT STOP!

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