Success and victory are obtained by making correct decisions. How desperate are you to succeed?

  • Do you challenge your laziness or merely make excuses for it?
  • Do you identify your irresponsibility, or do you refuse to consider it and take ownership of it?
  • Do you allow the door to be open to fear? So, you allow the enemy, to get a foothold?
  • How easily can you be driven to self-pity?
  • How quickly do you blame others for that which you are responsible?
  • How small of a bump in the path doesn’t take for your focus and determination to be derailed?
  • How easy are you pulled into drama that makes you ineffective?
  • How much time do you spend cleaning up messes that occurred by taking shortcuts or by making harmful impulsive decisions?
  • How much time do you spend looking for essential items that should have a designated location where they are kept between uses?
  • If you proclaim to be a Christian, do you brush that aside when with certain people?  

Stop being impressed with the size of the problem. Fear magnifies problems!

Don’t live by your feelings. Don’t be a slave to circumstances and situations. Change the way you feel by changing the way you think. Gain the revelation of the access that you have to the provisions of the kingdom of God.

Your fears lie to you because they are connected to your feelings. Make your feelings be obedient to what you want, obedient to how you want to behave.

The word of God changes situations and circumstances.

Make sure you are praying, not complaining.

Cause your feelings, thoughts, health of your body to embrace the revelation of what you have access to as a son or daughter of God – access to the provisions of His kingdom.

Truth overrides facts – change the way you speak.

Don’t confess what you have, confess what you are promised.

When you discover the significance of your life, who you are, who you are called to be, what you have access to – you will no longer lower yourself to inferior things, to lesser harmful inferior things.

Today with everything going on in the world. More people are asking for some spiritual insight.


God did not give anyone illness or mental torment. Evil entered the world after the devil deceived Adam and Eve.  We were born into a war, of good vs evil, light vs dark.   We have an enemy and that is the demonic realm that comes to kill, steal, and destroy When Adam and Eve messed up in the Garden of Eden, Satan became the god of this world.   

Evil seeks to find people that could be extremely effective and productive. But it finds a weakness a vulnerability and hammers away to gain control. People do not realize it, but they constantly open the door to the demonic realm to cause death, loss, and destruction.

Our God gave us the ability to choose the paths we follow. Bluntly, the reason that so much evil happens to people is that were never taught this or were taught incorrectly. The whole goal of the evil genius is to lead people to blame God for bad things that happen. That way they will not even seek genuine peace and joy through the promises of God. They will not seek the only source of true contentment and their lives continue to be held in bondage.

Remember, before the fall in the Garden of Eden there was no illness no distress of any kind that is of God. It only entered in when Satan deceived eve as he continues it deceive many today.

People I know have been totally set free from mental oppression, even after years and years of mental distress, therapy after therapy and meds. Many of them are willing to talk to others.

Only the truth shall set us free to become the people we were meant to be.

Take the time to develop a relationship with God through His Word.

We need to understand that we have the option to choose, or bring about, what we desire. 

Father God was so awesome to position us to receive our freedom from the demonic realm and from eternal damnation that He sent Jesus to undo the works of the devil and show us how to live above the evil in this hostile environment.

It’s time for people to press in to learn the truth and take responsibility for their lives by living out what Jesus provided for us.

We need the revelation that we have the option to choose our words carefully to bring about what we desire, or we can be deceived into believing that what we say is not important, and we will say whatever comes to mind even though it opens the door for the demonic realm to kill, steal, and destroy. People do not realize it, but they constantly curse themselves and other people.

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