Sharing my Italian Grandmothers wisdom

opens the door to freedom.

Years ago, sitting in the kitchen of my wise Italian grandma, she instilled in me life lessons that has been instrumental in overcoming the challenges of life.   

She told me that too many people walk around with a frown.  She said a frown sets your mood.  Those who frown will see things from the – glass half empty perspective.    When you look unhappy grandma emphasized; many people will steer clear of you. The secret she said is to try to smile regardless of the circumstances that surround you.   Smile at everyone you pass. Even if the recipient could care less you are doing it for yourself.

This  makes me think about a  blog post on the pulse that includes face psychology.     Yes, if you actually make an angry face, i.e. furrow your brow, square your jaw etc. Your body will react with changes in BP Pulse and hormone release. You got it! Stress hormones are released and for those with panic and anxiety this is what most people want to avoid at all costs.   Yet just an angry face, could start the ball rolling.   Anger like fear is not your friend. Take note of the last paragraph of this article about the physiology of anger. It explains that anger decreases your ability to concentrate and remember.

Grandma had a list.   That no matter how bad things seem, you should find a way to do make these 3 things a habit:

#1  Start smiling at people you encounter.  Make keeping a smile on your face a “go to” habit during any time anxiety, anger or stress creeps in.  

(Speaking from experience my last post stated how I overcame bullies.  I got to the point I would casually smile at them, shake my head and outwardly laugh as I passed them by. Once they learned I would not fall prey they no longer saw me as prey!)

#2  Compliment, in earnest, at least one person a day.  If you find this difficult maybe it is just because you are proficient in the art of negative comments because of negative thought patterns, instill  in you negative emotions.  Starting to look for things to compliment someone about will put you on the path of starting to see the good in others.

#3  Start to be observant and thank someone for something simple.   Set a goal thank one person a day and challenge yourself to increase that number.  I just went to my daughters to put in her foundation planting. I thanked her for the opportunity to work for her. Her reaction was priceless.

These are all simple things that anyone can do. However, some people today have become comfortable in their misery. Others have negativity spewing out from habits, they have allowed to overtake their true desire for peace, joy, and contentment. They do not even realize how unthankful, uncomplimentary, and how infrequently they smile with their whole body as does a young child!

Another thing that is becoming all too common is many live their life wanting others to see how bad they have it.  They look for company in their misery. How often have you heard or thought – I just want to be happy, followed by a statement such as everything I have tried has failed.  Or nothing works for me, or I will always be alone.   Hope becomes buried. We discussed ruts in your thinking with the photo  in the post describing Anxiety .

Instead, take a leap of faith from a grandmother’s wisdom, take her suggestions, make them a habit.  Start and don’t stop.

To have a friend is to be a friend

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The key to success is hope and knowing that others have become free opens the door for you!