Anxiety, the emotion of worry and fear causes physical symptoms but in itself is not always a medical condition. It is a normal part of life. But how much?, and should it interfere with your day to day living? Does anxiety overtake your ability to be happy? Well if you live with an excess of negative thoughts even the simple joys of life are overlooked because the bearer of anxiety takes on a woe is me attitude. People with anxiety disorders tend to have there mindset always seeing the dark side of situations. But you need “light” to see and when you are surrounding yourself in darkness ie. dark thoughts, hopelessness, other negative people. This is where the difficulty starts. Your mindset, in its attempt to help you fill the void and belong may be bringing you to places and people that are not exactly beneficial.


Going to review a few things

Of course, is always wise to have a complete physical but if you are diagnosed with “anxiety” this information below may be helpful. Lets review symptoms.

Symptoms can include increased irritability, concentration difficulties muscle tension, sleep difficulties fatigue, high B/P, nausea, racing heart, sweating, increased sensitivity to surroundings, difficulty controlling feeling, the list can include symptoms associated with every – body system. Just like panic attack adrenaline is the main culprit. The symptoms are real.

Much of Anxiety is a feeling of worry or unease it is typically about some imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome, its base is usually fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of loss of control, or abandonment.

It can also be described as apprehension. Anxiety is normal it prepares you for potential harmful situations – like the fight or flight so often talked about.  It is normal for survival and therefore the symptoms are not harmful.  Mild anxiety is unsettling, but more severe anxiety may affect day to day living from Medical News today.

However, anxiety can surface and be out of proportion to events or situations, often with reoccurring thoughts, and excessive worry, uneasiness or excessive nervousness. Anxieties can tend to linger but much of that is due to the way the mind negatively processes information – like a broken record.  Other symptoms can be avoidance of situations or locations, trouble concentrating, hyperventilating that can bring about numbness tingling and you may feel lightheaded or dizzy. Much of this happens from the way you process emotions and then your behavior worry and fear stems from runaway repetitive negative thoughts. But there is no present danger.   You may be uncomfortable and stressed but I repeat there is no danger.

We had stated worry causes anxiety. Worry can be brought on my excessive negative thoughts thinking  about your problems repeatedly. Remember people have 20,000-50,000 thought per day. 90% are repetitive and 80% of those are negative. Our culture has not been kind to us. People are always second guessing themselves and their decision. They put themselves under the microscope as if everyone sees us that way.

Worry starts as some little thing that is not dangerous just uncomfortable, but with repetition of rethinking about it again and again it tends to make ruts in your mind. It grows in size and importance in your mind.The more you think about it the more you speak it into existence by talking about it the deeper the ruts become. You develop negative thought patterns. 

Lets change gears and look at a phenomenon that is often behind much of mental torment. That is the spirit of abandonment. Where does it come from and what is it?

The fear of loss, being alone is a big one the orphan spirit  is the fear of abandonment.  How many times have you heard people say, “oh those kids are just acting out because they do not have a father figure”?  Or how many do you know that are raised by whoever mom’s boyfriend is at the time? Society has crippled us in the fact that the stability that young children expect and thrive on is often broken.  No matter what you tell them, children often they feel they are the blame for the changes in the lives of their families. They start doubtful thinking; they start running over scenarios in their head again and again – thus they can develop runaway thought patterns. Most often negative thought patterns.  Just a word, a glance, a song, almost anything can trigger that neg thought pattern. It can be almost anything that may remind them (often it reminds their subconscious only) of when they felt abandoned or just left alone and were fearful.    An abandonment issue from the past Abandonment is so much more than most people are aware of.

But be mindful this does not only happen in childhood.

Not only does this orphan spirit affect worry it is so often what leads to the void in a person’s life that starts the repetition of negative thinking. THEY HAVE A VOID AND THAT VOID IS FILLED BY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS RELATIONSHIPS AND ACTIONS. (such as relationships that are caustic drugs or alcohol)

However, drugs and alcohol use and or misuse or withdrawal can cause worry or anxiety, confusing isn’t it. The key is to discover what can take the place of the void- something positive.  You need to build up new thought patterns and responses while putting up mental barriers so those worrisome anxious thoughts will be stopped long before they get to interfere with your day to day living.

This void is real and makes people search for a place to belong, to fit in, and if that place is negative in nature it compounds the problem. That is the reason this blog and our corresponding FB page was started to be a place that gravitates on the positive and education.

If you find yourself, instead gravitating to places that seem like a place to vent, it may give you a sense of belonging but Frequent Venting and Complaining May Worsen Your Mood and Health. From the science times.

Psychology today has an article Understanding the Pain of Abandonment.

People can have some overlapping of different types of anxiety and depression… and feel trapped like the man in the photo. But there is hope and you can break free. Did you notice the man is in prayer? Next blog takes a look at mindset from a biblical perspective.