Answers: To how do I know if I have panic attack and what to do

These answers are from the author of our featured book used with permission.

How do I know if I have it?

In answering this question, you must understand that panic attack is not like a disease such as diabetes or something like that. Panic attack is better described as a vulnerability. Panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear or anxiety based on a perceived threat rather than a true danger.


Some people are more vulnerable to panic attack because they have a tendency to overthink things or have a “racing mind”. Some people are more vulnerable to panic attack because of the effect that adrenaline has on their body.

If a person continually experiences intense fear along with corresponding physical manifestations, then that person to 1° or another probably is dealing with panic attack.

What must I do?

For myself, my freedom from panic attack came from learning to trust God and learning as much as I could on how panic attacks occur and what may trigger them. It can be different for different people, but there are some similar common denominators.

In the book that I wrote “Panic Attack – Calming the Storm” I go into much detail on what opens the door for panic attack to get a hold of someone’s life. More importantly, I go into much detail on how to make some changes in your life and how to adopt some techniques that have the ability to become a defense against the vulnerability of panic attacks.

The more that you understand how panic attacks occur, the easier it is to fight against them. Most of the time, panic attacks are initiated by the unnecessary release of adrenaline into your body. This unnecessary adrenaline causes physical reactions such as difficult breathing, increased heart rate, tingling or numbness in the body, etc.

Without the understanding of what is going on within your body, the onset of fear and confusion can easily cause a panic attack. If panic attacks are not dealt with correctly, they have the ability to increase in frequency and severity.

One of the best defenses against panic attack is knowledge of exactly how they occur so that you can protect yourself from overreacting because of confusion.

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