Hello to all my Goodreads followers, fellow bloggers and new visitors.  Just a few notes to share. 

  • Our posts often are answers to questions we receive by email. We do not use names.
  • We may answer the same questions coming from slightly different ways so that we  start to create new mental pathways.
  • We would consider a guest blogger from time to time if the material fits our positive approach. Get in touch if you would like to contribute
  • If you or someone you know has been positively impacted by what we share, please let us know. 

So much of what we post is meant to be shared with family and friends that do not understand.  We try to post only weekly so the material can be read and reread and discussed among your support group.  We also try to list good resources from various sources that may be beneficial.

We realize that people with mental torment have been bruised and broken.  Our goal is to share the hope of overcoming and lead you to the freedom that so many of whom we counsel have experienced.

We are here to help lead you to peace and joy in your life.

Thanks for joining us.

Published by: Your Path to Freedom

This blog is all about attacking panic attack and anxiety with a positive mindset. Not long ago a good friend disclosed he had been a victim of panic attack for 10 years. I never would have guessed! Isn't that what you would want for yourself? Through trial and error he found what worked for him and we want to share his path to freedom with you.