Did ZANTAC cause my cancers?

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As I go through Cancer treatments for the 2nd time – 2015 and 2022. Just the sheer number of appointments makes it difficult to blog. Then add 2 surgeries and Chemo for the next 3 months… And next week I start an autoimmune workup.

Hope to return soon. I have several ideas and articles pending.

I have a reoccurrence of triple-positive ( HER 2 positive ) Breast cancer. They are calling it a second primary.

There is a possibility that Zantac usage may have contributed. Apparently, Zantac had 3 times the allowed amount of a cancer-causing agent, It has been pulled from the market. Legal teams are looking tp represent those who may have been affected. There are many kinds of specific cancers it may have caused. Do some research!

Did a loved one die from cancer caused by ZANTAC???


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